Offbeat Places To Visit Near Delhi


The heart of India, Delhi is rich with its fantastic history and culture. From Rajput’s, Mughal to the British, Delhi bears the remnants of rich artistic heritage and literal nobility. piecemeal from the most sought after sightseer lodestones , there are a number of unexplored places to visit near Delhi that schemes the curious trippers .


While utmost of the best known sightseer places near Delhi are swarming with excursionists during the peak seasons, it’s always better to travel to places that are less known. There are multitudinous odd destinations near Delhi that have survived the rampant surge of commercialism.

All the places that are mentioned below have a unique experience on their own. From mountain people to culture aficionados, Delhi is girdled by some of the most gladdening and fascinating places that makes a trip worthwhile. Then there are many unique destinations that are frequently missed by excursionists but are still worth every penny!

1.Hauz Khas Village 

 Hauz Khas Village was erected on the remnants of a medieval megacity named Siri. This is a veritably artsy neighborhood known for its established galleries, cafes, fashion boutiques and crafts and quaint Bollywood bills. It’s loved by the South Delhi crowd. Hauz Khas retains its old- world charm with its hipsters and passing weekends. You can also visit the Hauz Khas cafes as it has intriguing cafes and is one of the ideal places to visit in Delhi at night.

2.War Cemetery 

Delhi War Cemetery, is the point where lies the grave of all the service labour who served the British Empire during the World Wars. Established in 1951 this was created for the preservation of the remains of dogfaces during that period. At the entrance is the Delhi 1939 – 1945 War keepsake that honours the Indian forces who served both the world wars. This is in the Cantonment neighbourhood of Delhi.

3.Jahaz Mahal 

Jahaz Mahal means the Ship Palace which is located next to Hauz- i- Shamsi that’s in Mehrauli in Delhi. The Jahaz Mahal was named as its reflection in the girding force looked like a boat on a lake. It was erected during the Lodi dynasty period and it was used as a resort during those days.The nearest metro stop is Qutub Minar.

4.Binsar, Uttarakhand (400 km ) 

 Binsar is breathtakingly surreal! From the pictorial view of the Trishul and Nanda Devi to its lush wildlife sanctuary, Binsar has it all to bait your wanderlust. Perched up at 2400 metres above ocean position, it’s one of the loftiest hill stations in Uttarakhand in Kumaon region. It’s still one of the fairly odd destinations around Delhi that isn’t yet commercialised by excursionists.

Places To Visit : Khali Estate, Zero Point,  Chitai Golu Devta Temple,  Kasar Devi Temple, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Things To Do :Trekking, paragliding, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and forest walks are just a few of the activities available.

5.Darang, Assam ( 435 km ) 

 Another Himachali beauty, Darang is located near Mcleodganj on the road to Palampur. Walk through lush tea auditoriums rolling over the hills and mesmerise to the sound of toads and chittering of catcalls. It’s one of the odd vacation destinations near Delhi from where you can view the majestic Dhauladhars standing altitudinous over the pleasurable village.

Things To Do : Stroll around the tea auditoriums , Birdwatching, Visit Orang National Park

 Places to stay :  Naurang Yatri Niwas,  Hotel Anand Palace

6.Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh 

While Shimla is being swamped by excursionists every time, a serene, calm and epitome of beauty. lies near it and staying to be discovered. Shogi is a small hill station located 13 kilometers from Delhi. From Shimla is abundant in natural scenic beauty and a large variety of foliage and fauna. This small city offers from seductive old tabernacles to adrenaline- teasing conditioning and its notorious fruit made products. Amazing rainfall throughout the time, perfect accommodation installations in the vicinity and just right girding to rejuvenate your mind. All contribute to making your holiday to this stunning place a dream come true.

7.Pangot, Nainital 

 Located just 15 kilometers down from Nainital, is located in the Kosya Kutoli tehsil of the Nainital quarter of Uttarakhand is a small and graphic village. The villa is at the height of bases above the ocean position it is well known across the nation for its rich and fantastic raspberry life. Pan got also becomes a mecca for photography suckers. When hundreds of different species of catcalls flock then during the harsh layoffs in the upper Himalayas and settle down then temporarily. 

A step into the nature of Pangot, and you’ll find yourself in the midst of a remote Himalayan vill. The entire drive up to this amazing location passes via the Chenna Peak Range’s forested parts through Snow View Point and Kilbury. Both of which are notorious and excellent territories for birding. A myriad of raspberry species can be seen along the way to Pangot. Some of these include Rufous- bellied Woodpecker, Spotted & Slaty- backed Forktail, Himalayan Griffon and Kalij pheasant. Spotting mammals like Yellow- throated Himalayan Marten, Sambhar, Himalayan Goral, Leopard Cat, Serow, Wild Boar, Red Foxetc. is also not uncommon. The notorious Corbett National Park is located just 80 kilometer’s from Pangot.


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