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Moving house: when do you start packing?

Moving is always a stressful time. Because what do you take with you, and what things do you throw away? Do you start on time, or will it be a last-minute packing session? There are very few people who desire to move house. We share some handy tips to make it a little more pleasant for you!

Good preparations

It is smart to prepare well before moving house. This starts with making a plan and purchasing good protective packaging equipment. Before you start packing, there are a number of factors to consider. Namely arranging moving boxes, making a list, and purchasing extra materials such as tape, markers, labels, and more. You can start packing in time, as long as you keep an overview. Things that you don’t use every day can already be neatly packed. Therefore, opt for quality moving material that can last for a while. If you want to purchase the best protective packaging material online in the UK, visit

Fill boxes with newspapers, wrapping paper, and blankets

Are no more boxes available for the devices you want to move cheaply in Liverpool? Then it is wise to use filling material. Use newspapers, wrapping paper, and blankets, for example, to protect the equipment as much as possible. Ensure that the equipment cannot or hardly move and that the vulnerable parts are surrounded by blankets or clothing.

Residual water from the washing machine

Are you moving the washing machine? Then it is wise to take a few things into account. For example, make sure that the residual water is out of the machine by removing the filters. And then make sure to drain the hose at the back as best you can, and then attach it with the opening up. Furthermore, ensure that you secure the drum with conveyor belts to move the washing machine properly without damage.

Moving the freezer: empty or isolate

Another appliance that deserves attention during a cheap move is a freezer. Do you want to move it? Then there are two possibilities. Moving is easiest when the freezer is empty because you can defrost it immediately. Be sure to eat or throw away all products from the freezer. And isn’t that an option? Then set the freezer to the highest setting a day before you move. Insulate it as well as possible during the move and reconnect it first. This way, it is possible to keep the items frozen in the freezer.

Pack it up!

It is useful to see per room what can already be packed. Put down a number of boxes and fill them up every day. For example, you still need your cleaning supplies before you leave. So do not pack these immediately, but keep them until the end. This also applies to toiletries and other essential items. In addition, it is good to remain alert to heavier items. Do not load a box with only books or pieces of art because this can no longer be lifted. Instead, place the heavier items at the bottom and supplement the box with, for example, bedding or clothing.

Packing also means unpacking again

If you have made good preparations, you are well on your way. However, not only during packing are their things to pay attention to. It is also useful to remain alert when unpacking. For example, start by cleaning your new home. After all, there is no furniture yet! In addition, it is smart to put the boxes in the right rooms right away. This saves a lot of lifting. And don’t worry too much about decorating your home. You still have plenty of time for this once everything is in place.

Since you will be packing, moving, and moving a lot, good boxes are a must. We understand all too well that this should not cost too much money. So just choose cheap moving boxes and let the moving begin!

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