Brahmatal Trekking

Brahmatal Trek: Know Before You Go


Trekking in Uttarakhand is considered to be one of the most preferred destinations for travelers due to the many mountain peaks that it carries within itself. Trekkers and adventure lovers from all parts of India visit this place and feel like a paradise in their mind. For Hindus, this state is considered very sacred and religious. It has one of the very few religious treks in the country which is the Brahmatal Trek, a Himalayan trek.

Brahmatal Trek is  the most fascinating trek and this Brahmatal trek is a winter trek for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The Brahmatal trek is considered to be an easy and simple trek to start. This trek is one of the best winter treks for beginners. It remains covered with snow from mid-December to mid-March. At this time, the weather is very cold and the trek is difficult for the rest of the season. On this trek, the mind swells to see the wonderful landscape of snow-capped mountains all around, as well as the view from the top of the summit takes you to a fairyland. The alluring mountain peaks covered with snow take away the worries of life. 

Some Facts Related To Brahmatal Trek

  • Duration: 6days 5 Nights
  • Distance to Brahmatal Trek: 22km
  • Height of Brahmatal Trek: 12,150 ft
  • Brahmatal Trek Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Temperature: Day: (8 °C to 15 °C) and Night: (0 °C to -7 °C)
  • Best time to trek Brahmatal: December to March
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kathgodam Nearest Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun
  • Start/End Point: Kathgodam

Best Time To Visit Bramhtal Trek

Brahmatal Trek is known as a classic winter trek. It is considered an ideal place for winter trekking as one can see frozen lakes which are thrilling and captivating snow-capped peaks at this time. The Brahmatal trek in January receives heavy snowfall, the snow deepens as you climb up. This makes Brahmatal trekking more exciting . This place is a paradise for snow lovers. During winters, the day temperature remains cool and the nights are cool on the Brahmatal trek. Late night/early morning temperatures in Lohajung, Bekaltal, Brahmatal range from 0 to 2 °C, 0 to -2 °C and -5 °C to -10 °C.

After March the amount of snow on the trail decreases and only snowflakes are visible on the trail. There is no snow on the Brahmatal trek from April to June. The beautiful pink rhododendron also blooms during this time which adds to the beauty of the trek. The oak forests look lush and the scenery keeps on changing and one gets to have a panoramic view of the valley and the meadows.

During the summer the weather on the Brahmatal trek is pleasant during the day but it gets cooler at night and the temperature rises as one climbs up. The night/morning temperature ranges from 10°C to 2°C, so if you plan to go in summer, do not forget to carry warm clothes along with you. Monsoon arrives on this trek from July, so Brahmatal trekking can be very dangerous in this season as the chances of land slipping increase.

Itinerary Of Brahmatal Trek

Day 1: Reach Lohajung first

Day 2: Trek to Bekhal Tal

Day 3: Trek to Brahmatal

Day 4:  trek to Jatropani Peak  then return to Brahmatal

Day 5: Trek to Lohajango

Day 6: Return from Dehradun

Important Things And Gears

  • 50-60 liter backpack with comfortable straps and rain cover,trekking pole,head torch, Jackets and Pants, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Fleece
  • T-shirts, Trekking Pants, Shorts, Seasonal clothing, Trekking boots, Warm / wool socks.
  • Energy bar and dry fruits
  • First Aid Kit,Hand sanitizer and disinfectant
  • Disposable bags, Liner Gloves, Sunglasses, Face Masks ,Cap etc.

Brahmatal Trek Travel Tips

  • The journey to Brahmatal is  moderate, but if you’re inexperienced, train your body for the trek  a month beforehand.
  • The last ATM is in Dewal, 25 kms from Lohajung, which has no cash for most of the time. It would be better if you withdraw money in advance from Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Kathgodam, Almora or Kausani.
  • Take a guide alongside  you for trekking.
  • Avoid trekking during monsoon season because the trucking route becomes slippery and landslides and road blocks occur within the area during this point.
  • Travel between mountains, in groups of two or more. Treking alone can be unpredictable and risky. Also, be sure to tell someone in the house the time to return.
  • Start training your body for the trek at least a month in advance.
  • Carry enough cash as there are no ATMs on the entire trekking route including the base camp.
  • Plan your trip with experienced travel partners and book your trek well in advance.
  • Avoid planning the Brahmatal trek during monsoons as the route is slippery.
  • You will not get a mobile phone network after Lohajung. Keep your family informed about the campaign.

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